"693444" AP 1/1 2021 #MVDEX 100K SATS

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AP Original 1/1 from MVDEX 2021.

9″ x 12″ Mixed Media on Wood Board, Varnish Seal.

The only way to ride is FAST.

Whatever it is, life or business, if you want something, or it needs to get done, don't wait. DO IT NOW.

Proof of Work speaks for itself.

Congratulations to $BTCW for their successful IPO today.

CEO Adam O'Brien shared "Don't Wait" philosophy with me and it's application has greatly improved MVDEX. Infinity and beyond.

Accessible sealed Opendime containing 100,000 Sats.

You must break the seal to access the coins.

Deposit Address:


Block 6 9 3 4 4 4

The original P (Physical) N F T

Artist Proof RARE


Vires in Numeris 🔢⚔

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